Eradication of illiteracy has been one of the major challenges the country is facing. In our country many people who are above fifteen years of age could not go to school because of then family problems or absence of schooling facilities near their homes.

Illiteracy not only directly hampers the economic program but it is indirectly responsible for hampering the development of nation and human society.

Education enable the people to perform their duties and to understand their rights. Education plays an important role in building the character of the people.

In Article 45 of the Indian constitution under the directive principle of state policy. It has been laid down that free and compulsory education will be provided for all children until they complete the age of fourteen years.

At present it is great challenge to bring the benefit of education within every bodies reach to spread the education on a wide scale.

By education citizens are in a position to differentiate between right and the wrong. They know their rights and conscious of their duties. They are able to weigh a public issue in a more balance way and have a better understanding of problems, both national and international.

Apart from making a person politically conscious education promotes those attitudes with which one can fight various social and economic evils which are causing harm to the society.

Illiterate people will neither be conscious about the events taking place around them nor will they be able to effectively participate in the activities and development schemes implemented by the government.

Literacy does not only mean ability to put signature, rather it means that a person has attained the competency level of third standard.

Our goal of Literacy programme is not limited only to achieve the compentency of reading, writing and do arithmetic, but to see that persons are able to make use of the things learnt in their daily life.

So the programme includes functional literacy i.e. reading writing, self dependency in arithmetic, know one’s deficiencies and making effort to overcome them. Know the importance of humanity, unity, environmental protection.

Qasmi Education and Welfare Society is running iteracy classes at various place with the same thoughts and line as stated above.