Wheather the source is melting snow or rain, it has only one idea in head-to get to the sea. Where the river finds itself trapped in a kind of bowl surrounded by hill, it collects to become a lake. And if the lake rises high enough, it might find out an outlet through a gape, become a waterfall, and its serarch for the sea.

It is not necessary that the water used for agriculture should be spot lessly clean. There is no harm in a little healthy dirt. This enriches and improves the soil, and acts as fertilizer. When the other inorganic substance get into the river, that it becomes contaminated.

The worst offenders are, naturally, factories, which allow their waste materials to be dumped into rivers. The most obvious change, it brings, is in the colour of water. The usual effect on the water is that it losses its oxygen content, and no form of life can live in it. The entire rich life cycle of the river is murdered, and what is left a thick, dark coloured liquid mass, which moves forward slowly, destroying all living in its path.

A river belongs to the nation. It may pass through several states, bringing fertility to the land through which its flows.

A less dramatic form of pollution is caused when there is a heavy use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the vicinity of the river. It is obvious that the rain will wash these chemicals into the river, polluting it.

Lakes and ponds are obviously useful water storage units. By neglect or bad management by siltation, pollution or by allowing the wrong kind of vegetation. The quantity of water in them may be reduced until it dries up altogether.

The presence of clean pond or lake close to make life easy for the local people and is an encouragement to fertility and good vegetation. But it is the easiest thing to allow the water to become dirty and polluted. If there is agriculture on the surrounding lands, then the chemical manure, Pesticides and soil will all be washed down into the pond. Dhobies clothes washing in the water, buffaloes wallow in the mud on the edges all this will effect the water. So the entire surrounding should have a great deal of self control and discipline to ensure that the shared pond is not polluted.

The massive use of chemical insecticides also damages the environment.

The cities are busting at the seams with people. Open spaces in cities, the lungs of the cities, have become more essential but the open spaces to develop the heap of garbage are destructive. We should clean and convert it into park.

We badly in need of planting and saving of trees in our cities.

Apart from providing shade trees can hide a great deal of ugliness and dirt and can reduce the dustivers of an entire city. These can also substantially reduce the degree of pollution in the air. In a well wooden area the temperature remain low. Trees can muffle, some times even to lay aborb noice.

Any way we should avoid dirtiness and disorderness as it effect people's mental well being and a deteriorating mental condition is much worse then physical sickness, because it is undetectable and untreatable.