Qasmi Education and Welfare Society devoted great attention in last three years to improve the environmental condition (Paryawaran) as one of the most urgent obligtion of it.

the society has arranged exploratory as well as explanatory camp to aware the inhabitants of the following facts.

01. The beat way to assess the wealth of a country is by the quality of its soil and the quantity of its available fresh water.

The top few inches of soil is called top only in it seed can germinate and young sapling draw nourishment and sustenance.

So we should undertake its guardianship as our duty to the nation.

An uncovered hillside also results in loose soil slipping down hills and filling up riverbeds sometimes results flooding the surrounding land.

We can stop soil erosion at the hill side by two means.

(a) Where the stop is gentle a good thick grass cover is enough to hold the soil in place.

(b) Where the stop is steeper we need something like a set of claws which can clutch and hold the soil. The spreading and penetrating roots of the large trees serve this purpose.

We should have plantation there in such a way that the canopies should overlap and cover each other so that even heavy lashing rain can not damage the top soil. So apart from saving the soil, good grass cover will also help to build up services of under round water.

If the trees on the hill side are discriminately cut down, it not merely means the loss of future possible produce from trees but also the soil start erode at once and it soon becomes impossible to grow new trees on that thinning soil.

Large gangs of laborer are brought in for physical construction on the roads, camp in the area. Trees are cut down to make shelter and to cook meal. This means that people hacks branches off living trees. They scraps of the bark so that the tree dies and they can then collect the whole of it. They even set fire to the trees to kill them and use the wood. The trees can only be saved if the contractor arrange for some alternative fuel for their men, instead, they are left free to take and to destroy as much as they please of what, after all, is a very valuable asset which belongs to the whole nation.

This is one form of destruction which, however serious, its consequences, is seldom noted or admitted by the road makers.

Nture is a complicated, intricate structure, where every thing is in interdepend. If one stone of the structure is moved, the whole edifice losses its balance, and might collapse of change its shape.

Thickly forest Mountain assure us of a plentiful supply of water, weather in the form of springs underground water, or clean and orderly rivers. Cut down the tree and the springs and ground water dry up. The river become muddy and liable to flood, the harbours silt up. And worst of all, the top soil may disappear, so that even if we wished for remedy our mistake, we could not replant.