Islamic Activities

Inauguration Ceremony of "Darul Iftah" wal Irshaad Building

We believe peace internal and external on an individual as well as on a world wide collective level is only possible by Islam.

Masjid under Construction at Guna

We have taken the following activities to spread the message of Islam to create a better understanding of Islam as a just, righteous and peaceful way of life.

Present Building (on hire) of "Darul Iftah" wal Irshaad Building

A Special significance in attached to the use of term 'Deen' (in Arabic) and 'Dharma' ( in Sanskr i t literature) which does not mean religion only. Religion is a part of Deen or Dharma on religion concern itself with man's relation with God while Deen or Dharma, according to the root of the word comprises all that a human being is supported to think, feel and do weather it is concerned with him relation with other human beings or Nature or God. So Islam is not a religion but it is a Deen and perfect Deen.