Qasmi Education and Welfare Society arranged camps at variors regarding the mental and emotional health because keeping mentally fit is as much of interest to every one as in keeping physically fit. At the begging of the camp session we gave the attendants the list of the following questions to answer to know their mental and emotional health. 01. Are you always fired ? 02. Do you sleep poorly ? 03. Do you have vague pain ? 04. Are you worried about your job ? 05. Are you getting along body with your wife/husband ? 06. Are you in trouble with yours boss ? 07. Are you in financial difficulties ? 08. Have you lost a close relative, perhaps your husband, your wife, a son or daughter? 09. Are you facing disease, disability or impending deaths yourself ? 10. Are you sure that your good reaks can't possile last. 11. Are you vaguely uneasy and don't quite know why ? 12. Do you think people tend to 'have it in for you.

We insisted the attendants to answer this list of some common fears, anxieties, frustration and problem with no shame in having them. Nor is there any shame in asking for help, just as one would do if he had a broken leg, acute appendicitis or any other disabling illness.

 We told to the attaindents that there are three ways to meet a situation one may face, fight and conquer. The most constructive is to face understand and conquer it. The stimulus of activity is better medicine then the deadening opiate of action less worry. Working at a solution in medially results in whittling the problem down. It may not be completely eradicate, but it can be cut down to a manageable size. Constructive activity is in itself a parties solution and help.

 There the attendants treated psychologically by psychiatrist.

There we further provided some basic pieces of advice which, if they can be followed, will tend to minimize one's frustrations and difficulties, or at least prevent them from gaming the upper hand: 

 01. Learn to understand and accept yourself as you are Recognize not only your capacities and your strengths, but also your weakness. 02. Set realistic goals and ambitions for your life, those, which offer you both a challenge and reasonable chance of success. 03. Measure your success by your whole life, not merely by the negative or positive aspects of small areas of interest or brief spans of time. 04. Don't try to push people around and don't let any body push you around, don't try to program by pushing others down. 05. Credit other people with the same good motives that you possess and keep the chip off your shoulder. 06. Remembering the corrosive power of hates, keep yourself free from resentments and 'slow burns'. 07. Try atleast to like and understand your neighbour if you can't always love him. 08. Be as cheerful as you can, under the tough circumstances. 09. When you are annoyed with someone, have it out in a frank and friendly manner. 10. Bear in mind that you are neither alone in trouble nor even in your own particular brand of trouble. 11. Give the other fellow the benefit of the doubts as you would lie him to give you. 12. Keep as constructive busy as you can. 13. Allow line for fun and creation. 14. Laugh often, especially when you really want to cry. 15. Be ready to help those who need help more then you do.