Question relating to the universe and the human phenomenon has occupied man's mind since the dawn of civilization and will continue to remain crucial problems of philosophy for all times. No branch of human knowledge could ever find a final answer to them. This quest given birth to various schools of philosophy. Our purpose here is not to discuss the systems of different philosophies. Whenever the opinions of divergent philosophies regarding the mystery of human existence there is at least a consensus among all on some fundamental points, which are germane to the whole problem. First that human life has to be judged by certain qualitative criteria which determine how for it is confrmity with the general harmonious pattern of human existence and secondly, to what extent it adopts proper media to achieve the objectives that it criterion tries to suggest. It is not the human life alone but the whole creation, which baffles explanation, nevertheless, it holds an appealing communication for us. Human being endowed with special attributes which do not exit with lower animals, who are not gifted with those intellectual powers that enable the human beings to understand themselves as well as others or arouse their sense of discrimination, understanding, and evaluation. The whole creation is moving towards a goal wither it is conscious of it or not. Human beings by virtue of their special powers and potentialities are able to read purpose and define the course of this cosmic movement. Yet they also have their limitations, and with all their intelligence they are very often unable to probe completely into its various mysteries.

But such a quest for truth should not be confused with human virtues or values of life.

So we are to study philosophy to find out the ends towards which we educate and the means through which to realize them.

So for as the satisfaction of such instinctive desires as hunger, sleep, fear love, sex are concerned human beings do not have a psychology markedly different from animal psychology. What is it then that rises them above the animal level and earns them the title of human beings rather then animal beings. In answering the question we have to refer significant idealistic school of philosophy.

A special significance is attached to the use of the term 'Deen' (in Arabic Literature) or Dharma (in Sanskrit Literature) which does not mean religion only. Religion is a part of Deen or Dharma as religion concerns itself with man's realtion with God while Deen or Dharma, according to the root of the word comprises all that a human being is supposed to think, feel, and do weather it is concerned with his relation with other human beings or Nature or God.

The idea of Deen or Dharma conceives a cosmic unity to which human beings by their thinking, feelings and doing must contribute. It is not only a spiritual significance but a social significance as well. Deen or Dharma is a compendium of human virtues like patience, fortitude, forgiveness, purity, self control, non stealing, truth, intelligence, knowledge and virtues which raise a human being from the animal level. These virtues set him on the way to self-lightenment and self-realization.

This broad concept of Deen or Dharma does not confine itself to man's relation to God only. It is concerned on the other hand with all his relationships, and its sphere is the whole span of life. It envisages those ethical and social values of human life which human beings should accept and demonstrate through their thinking, feelings and doings for the realization of their relation with God and then fellow beings. It converges to a theme where means purify ends and helps the individual to progress in the direction of knowledge, goodness and truth which form the cardinal bases of Deen or Dharma. Simply Deenb or Dharma is a way of life.

The scientist's view point approaches the problem from a different angle though it does not fundamentally differ from the philosophical conception of Deen or Dharma. The natural scientist regards human beings as animals. Who have reached a high stage of evolution - a stage characterized by a conscious use of intelligence and region.

Another important quality of human beings alone is their capacity to express their thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, hopes fear and ambitions through diverse media gesture and words being the most significant of them. This ability enable human being to build up a new environment which is not characteristic of lower animals. This environment the social environment as its called is characteristic of human beings only and the development of the personality of a human beings is possible only through the social environment in which an individual participates.

The function of education is to enable the individual to use these capacities for attaining noble purposes.

Education has thus a vital relationship with life and which is lived by the individual along with other individuals.

Education has a vital role to play in improving standards of living a good life because the human beings are the only beings who are educated. The horse, the dog and other lower animals can be trained, not educated. Evidently education has to play a great role in enabling human beings to make their life better and they have consistently to find out how they can improvise conditions conducive to the betterment of human life.

The needs of an individuals fall into two categories.

(1) those relating to his own welfare – Physical intellectual and spiritual. (2) Those relating to his obligations to the society of which he is an integral part.

The fulfillment of these needs is depend upon a programs of good education that will enable the individual to develop his personality as well as provide to him those skills, attitudes and dispositions that will enable him to contribute effectively towards the improvement and development of the society.

Taking the above stated facts into consideration Qasmi Education and Welfare Society has :-

(1) Established Educational institutions, including school and Madarsa separetely for girls and boys.
(2) Establish coaching classes for legging behind students.
(3) Establish computer training centers where we run the following course.

 1. DCA - WIN - MSD  1. MDHT
 2. DTP - PM - P'SHOP  2. ADHT
 3. DFA - DCA + TALLY  
 5. H DTP - DCA + DTP  

(Centre for Decrees & Ordinances)

Darul Ifta Wal Irshaad was established about 20 years ago by the instruction of Renowned Islamic Scholar Kubub-e-Aalam Shaikh-ul-Tareekat Hazrat Maulana Qari Siddique Ahmed Baandhwi to educate the children about Islam and with a plan to set up the department of Management, education, Lodging boarding, propagation and publication of Islamic literature but due to economical hinderance the plans were remained on paper. Only the education of Quraan as Naazra & Hifz was carried out in a rented house. Except lack of fund the founders of Madrasa succeeded to run the classes regularly. The founders were highly impressed with the working of Qasmi Educational & Welfare Society so about 3 years ago the handed over this Madrasa to Qasmi Educational and Welfare society. Our society decided to transform the dreams of the founders into reality. To carry on the plan the first requirement was to establish a building for Madarsa. By the grace of Almighty Allah (SWT.) society succeeded to purchase a pilot of fourty five 89 Sq. feet to built the building. We are trying over best to complete the building as soon as possible all paper work is completed alhamdulillah. Society also tried to develop the present position of Madarsa along with the complition of plan. Now the Madarsa is recognised by National Council for promotion of Urdu Language, Ministry of Human Resources Development. The courses of Diploma in Urdu & Diploma in functional Arabic are running. This development enable the children perticularly the students of regular school to learn urdu and Arabic as a special qualification. About 500 student successfully completed these diplomas. About one thousand one hundred twenty students cleared their course as Nazra and Hifz of Quran-e-Kareem. We have further decided for other sections in Madarsa i.e. Tajweed & Qirat, Seerah, Hadith, Shariah and Dawah. The modern studies in English medium upto 12th Std. as per C.B.S.E. courses in Mathematics and


This library is running in a rented house. There are about one thousand books in the library out of which 90% are on Islam. The society is subsoribing for about 12 monthly magazines five weeklies and seven daily papers regularly. The reading room of the library is free of cost while for membership we are charging only Rs.100/- as registration fee. We have planned to furnish the library with modern information and communication technology and audio-visual facilities along with the collection of twenty five thousand books.



The object of the establishment of A.B.B. is to pave the way, for muslims and weaker section of the society, to upheld the top position and outstanding performance in the field of Information and communication technology as this branch of science is covering a vast area of human life today. the scope is unlimited and world wide. Secondly to educate the students in an Islamic environment to prevent them from falling prey to the bad influences and immorality prevalent in the society because an un Islamic atmosphere can result in the corruption of a virtuous Muslim’s Islamic understanding, up bringing and values. The education, training, lodging and boarding will be free for all students. Inshallah we will run the following courses:-
• Bachelor in computer Application (BCA) three years course (in 6 semester)
• Post graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) one year course (in 2 semester)
• Diploma in Computer Application (DCA). One year course (in 2 semester)
• Certificate in Computer Graphics & Programming one year course.
• Certificate in computer graphics Six months course.
• Special short term course six months course.
• Certificate in advance programming.Six months course.
• Tally One month course. In depth training in tally packages and to integrate their using latest technology helps to development programming skills build a strong foundation of financial account.

Special features of Abdullah Bin Baaz .........

a. Latest Technology.
b. Advance software.
c. Superior quality teaching.
d. Individual system, per student.
e. Special facilities for Hindi, English, Urdu and Arabic medium students.
f. Library facility.
g. Notes and reference books.
h. Weekly and monthly test viva.
i. Limited students in each batch.
j. Job placement