The term Dowry means the wealth or gift given to the daughter at the time of her marriage when she leaves her parents house and goes to her husband house. Now Dowry is demanded by bridegrooms and for by his parents or relatives from the parents of bride. This has become a serious social problem leading to suicide, and bride burring. In our country dowry murders and suicides are become a matter of great concern. Demand for dowry has reached such dreadful stage that of a daughter is born in the family it is regarded as a curse. As a result of this the quarrels and clashes are witnessed even on the day of marriage itself. Some time bridegroom's party turn back from marriage hall due to inadequate dowry is offered by the bride's parent. Bride who are unable to bring handsome dowry are subjected to serious kinds of tortures. Some times tension is so high that it leads to suicide or murder. The government of India has enacted a law against Dowry in 1961 named prohibition Act of 1961 it was further amended in 1986 and made more stringent and effective. A person can be imprisoned for five years and fined up to rupees fifteen thousand for accepting dowry. But along with government law, people's efforts can effectively check this anti social practice.

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The S5 Drop Down Panel is a slide down panel that can be demo'd at the top of this page. The panel itself contains six module positions. You may publish any module that you wish into these positions. It comes packed with features so be sure to check out the list and screenshot below.

Note - If the responsive layout is enabled the drop down will disable when the screen size reaches 750px so that it does not interfere with the mobile menu bar



  • Customize almost everything! Shadows, borders, gradient, opacity
  • Contains 6 module positions drop_down_1, drop_down_2, drop_down_3, drop_down_4, drop_down_5 and drop_down_6
  • Auto adjust to the height of your content
  • Set your own open and close text
  • Auto collapse if no modules are published to it
  • And many more features!


Screenshot of Drop Down admin in template configuration area:


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