Welcome to Qasmi Educational & Welfare Society

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The Qasmi Educational & Welfare Society with the concent of prominent personalities of the community including Islamic Scholar Late Mazhar Kaleem Qasmi was founded in 2003. Late Mazhar Kaleem’s had played a pioneering role in the establishment of the society and his contribution was one of the most important and enduring. The young founder members decided to deposit the fund in the next world by serving the needy people.

To contribute in the area of education and Social Welfare is a praise worthy and commendable task and its strength and sprit touches the peak when the believes of the next world and bounty of Allah (SWT.) combined with it.

Ignorance is a darkness and knowledge is an illumanation which brings awareness. Therefore we have the area of education at top priority.

The poison of social evils is spreading throughout soc iety and unfortunately the wire generation is accepting it as fashion. Now its the need of the time to tutelage thinking and transform it into noble deed to erase the ill effects from the society to provide peaceful life to the people along with the importance of the last day of judgement. Keeping it in mind we are marching forward and Alhamdulillah the society is getting success rapidly in the areas of education and Social Welfare.

May Allah (SWT) bring us the most needed success. Our plan for the future (Inshallah)

  • Construction of Umm fatima Madrasalil banat on Modern norms.
  • Construction of Jamiya Shaikh abdullah al Noori School.
  • Abdullah Bin Baaz Vocational and Technical Institute.
  • Completion of Shaikhul Islam library (10,000 books).
  • Construction of four units of ‘Apna Ghar’ for deserted Senior Citizens in India. Each unit will accommodate 500 deserted old citizens.
  • Arrangement of camps and Seminars to aware the public about swine flue.