So, Qasmi Education and Welfare Society arranged camps to create strong public opinion against dowry and to change the mind set of our generation to resist the offer and acceptance of dowry. Qasmi Education & Welfare Society also helping the dowry victims in the legal fight and bring the particular cases in the notice of police and administration.

Welcome to Qasmi Educational & Welfare Society

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The Qasmi Educational & Welfare Society with the concent of prominent personalities of the community including Islamic Scholar Late Mazhar Kaleem Qasmi was founded in 2003. Late Mazhar Kaleem’s had played a pioneering role in the establishment of the society and his contribution was one of the most important and enduring. The young founder members decided to deposit the fund in the next world by serving the needy people.

To contribute in the area of education and Social Welfare is a praise worthy and commendable task and its strength and sprit touches the peak when the believes of the next world and bounty of Allah (SWT.) combined with it.

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