Governing body

Governing Body


President, Q.E.& W.S.


From last eleven years we are achieving the objects of Qasmi Educational & Welfare Society through dedication and commitment and Alhamdullilah in the area of Welfare of Women, social evil eradication, Welfare of minorities, Disaster effects, Education, literacy & environmental protection, we have performed remarkably good with the acquinescence of lack of fund. We have a long way to go to achieve the goal.

The plight of women attracted us a lot, in our country bride burning, dowry murders and sucide became a matter of great concern. Deserting of widows as abdomen is another social evil. For last five years we are fighting against the vulnerable condition of widow ship.

We strongly advocated to the right of women to inherit property. We have provided full co-operation to the government in these area of activity and welfare.

We have fully co-operated to the government to take strict measures against kidnapping, abduction and maiming of the children for the purpose of begging and to crush gangs who thrive on begging in an organized manner.

We are committed to safeguard the interest of the minorities and Muslims in particular.

Disaster disrupt the normal pattern of life because these are often severe, sudden unexpected and widespread we have always played a significant role in dealing with the situation of disaster.

Education has vital role to play in improving standards of living a good life because the human beings are the only beings who are educated.

At presents Qasmi Educational & Welfare society straying its best to bring the benefit of education with in every bodies reach to spread the education on a wide scale, by running literacy classes at various place with the same thoughts and line as stated above.

We are running Educational institution, including technical courses, schools, madarsas, separately for girls & boys.

Eradication of illiteracy has been one of the major challenges the country is facing and we are contributing by all possible means.

Qasmi educational and welfare society is organized by individuals having a vital interest in health problems. We have arranged camps for mental and emotional health for parents and for emergency first aid.

The society has arranged exploratory as well as explanatory camp to aware the inhabitants to improve the environmental condition as one of the most urgent obligation of it.

We have very significant plans for features to serve the society of human beings.

May Allah-Subhanwatalah Help us.

M. Fareed Khan
General Secratory, Q.E.& W.S.


Since its inception the society has been devoting to the promotion of social welfare and educational activities concerning the Muslims, the nation and the humanity as a whole.

The activities carried out by the society have been widely recognized and appreciated in Madhya Pradesh and India.

The Co-operation extended by the common man and professionals greatly benefited the society in carrying out its multifaceted programmes and activities.

The society has organized seminars, workshop and camps on Dowry, Sati, Dorting Widows, child Welfare, Beggary, Drinking and drug addiction, Communalism, Casteism, Literacy, environmental conditions, education and health.

A number of programmes were also organized for the welfare of minorities. These programmes highlighted the problems of minorities with remedies.

The society runs, Technical Courses, Schools and Madarsas. The society also runs the courses for the candidates who wish to participate in competitive exams.

Unfortunately the Eastern and madly rushing to western civilization so many evils are creeping in Eastern society. One of them is lack of respect to their elders even to their parents. To throughout the senior citizen from their houses is a most-shameful phenomenon which is occurring in our society today. This dreadful change, in social setup rose the need of establishment of senior citizen houses.

Let Allah Subhanahuwatala get us the most needed success.


Patron, Q.E.& W.S.


Secretory for Publication & Public Relation, Q.E.& W.S.