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 The Prophet Muhammed(S.A.W) was asked, 'What is Qurbani.?' He answared, 'It is sunnah of your father Ibrahim 'Alayhis-Salam'. For every hair of Qurbani you received a reward from Allah.'

He imphasised the role of Quran and considered it to incumbent on every muslim to understand its meaning and message. It paved the way for the transformation the present atmosphere into Islamic environment. He firmly be l i e ved t hat instructions in Madaris should begin with the learning of Quranic text with a brief commentary in the local language and urged to study Hadith which could provide a true understanding of Quran.

Inshallah we will move on in the enlightenment of his thoughts and deeds.

  • For those
    who believe and work righteous deeds, There will be garden of bliss, To dwell there in..
    The promise of Allah is true : and He is Exalted in power, Wise

    Sura Luqman (8:9)
  • Our Founder Members & Ex President of Q.E.&W.S.

    Late Mazhar Kaleem was a rare and one of the most outstanding scholars who made a highly contribution to Qasmi Educational and Welfare Society. He played an important role in establishment of Institutions for Muslims with the influence of Islam which inspired the young generation of muslims to carry the task on. Read More..



    Allah (SWT.) urges us Muslims in the Quran (2:61)

    The parale of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is that of a grain of Corn. It growth seven ears and each ear hath. hundred grain. Allah gives manifold increase To whom. He wishes. Allah is all sufficient for His creature’s need and All-knowing.

    Zakaat purifies our wealth